Experience : PCSA The Red School

Free school movement offering a creative arts continuum which in turn aims to inform an effect on community - striving a concept to improve

School is the resident within the "Red House" - function of a community hub and centre

Reflexive and continual process of "making a school" which in turn has become victim of unclear identity and fluid nature

Intent was to transform and influence a system and the local area - however focus turns back to inward looking and not objectively taking on outward influence - clarity of curriculum will aim to follow the least resistance

Practical implementation of a visually shifting culture by adopting a Southwark approach

Questioning knowledge rich curriculum over questioning and enquiring - improving education through arts which keeps the child as creative beings

Issues with meeting the child, maintaining the curriculum and offering progressive concepts

Research on the social, political, emotional and physical benefits

Highlighting an importance in practical art, humanities and history help understand others rather than collecting knowledge of the elitist and exclusive cultural capital of the arts

Peer reviews help support trust and a collective aim for improvement, internal inclusion and ethics : questioning intrinsic motivation to learn

Realities and daily routines of practical life enhance vision : survival mode into being mode

Specific teacher training within a philosophy and education should be made more accountable in terms of safeguarding and reinforcing a rigid system

Moral responsibility of a teacher and being aware of personal self-actualisation and the heirachy of needs - base level deprivation of time, affection and human nurture

Space :

Feeling and environment interact

Dysfunctionality of open space and distraction

Humanistic environment - watering holes, source, trading spots

Primitive function of nests, offering culinary arts and campfire leads to close exchanges, schools become a learning community

Should schools be a catalyst or a sanctuary?

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