Reflection : Module 101

Formative Ideas

Environment : effects of aesthetic interiors, combining both environmental factors and safe social spaces, how can these small details affect individuals?

Connection and community : talking and sharing vulnerabilities, supporting conversations with an open mind, pastoral approach and empowerment mindset, a place to gather and create, taking ownership of social and self-development

Creative Cognition : encouraging a mindset to individuals as an enabler of change, we are able to reinforce people to become processors of experiences envoking role of creator

Craft and artistic environments inspiring creation and play : being given an environment in which to explore and empower

Project Ideas

Bricolage wall

Building your own safe space / vessel

Cracked eggs and nests

Relating back to the tactile nature of conversations with clay - intrinsic, organic organisms

Coil, pinch pots, etc;

Position prior to Module 101 :

Textile Design degree specialising in Woven & Mixed Media Fine Art Installation and theoretical research - interest in academic writing education and inter-disciplinary development - training and employment within interior design and hospitality -  exhibiting artist and freelance design and creative assistant - Creative Recovery courses within Southern Mental Health

Key Development throughout Module 101 :

Conversations with social enterprises such as Nudge Community Buildings and Real Ideas Organisation regarding employment and volunteering - Volunteering development with charities connecting mental health and art such as Encounters Art and Hospital Rooms - Art of Invitation workshop with Stir to Action and Encounters Art - research developing within socially engaged art practice, social bricolage and space - supporting training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - set up as a self-employed 'Interdisciplinary Creative Practitioner' - developing visual merchandising within employment - further community development and connection  

Further Developments :

Hospital Rooms Installation and Exhibition Assistant

Nudge Community Builders Community Support Volunteer

Encounters Art Volunteer with Exeter-based community engagement programme

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Travel Grant bursary to Reggio Emilio in Bologna, Italy

Aims : develop further connection and collaboration towards continuous professional development and employment - developing tools and facilitation skills to extend practice further 

Further Research :

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