Reflection : Pedagogies & Educational Philosophies

Updated: Jan 3

Education is a tool for connection by experiencing elements and experimentally exploring what tools are required to achieve and outcome together.

Constructivism - Lev Vygotsky

- Reality is the social process of learning and active engagement in which we make truth collaboratively

- There should be no universal curriculum within education and should be dependant on the context of the learner.

- Non-heirachal education which is constructed through play and conversation in which the artist, practitioner or facilitator provokes place-based experience and subsequent education

John Dewey

Art as Experience ( and Experience and Education

Why is school separated from society? Secondary socialisation

Is learning not the practice of living?

Questions removing the structure of "pre-digested books and materials in order to approach education

Critical Pedagogy Bell Hooks

Knowledge is never neutral - education is a political act which can be used towards emancipation from oppression

Education empowers agency by not replicating damaging systems but as a tool for change by providing awareness, skills and the art of critical questioning

Current educational systems do not teach creativity to disrupt but rather exist amongst the economic capitalist neoliberal model

Space and Environment 'Reggio Emilia Village'

How do you create an environment to enhance learning? Play, aesethics and community at the focus

Learning and meaning-making become experiential and a collaborative process of expression


"Emanicipated Spectator" - the idea of hierarchy and experts obstruct learning and discovery

Spectators need to engage with performance and that relationship leads to art

Education is a practice based journey - walk, encounter, take back and discuss

Maxine Greene

Arts establish social imagination and 'wide-awake' awareness

"Social imagination not only suggests but also requires that one take action to repair or renew"

Ideas and theories allow for an ability to make that reality possibly

Ivan Illich

Education reinforces existing knowledge and power - believes in the implosion of institutions and encourage continual "education webs which heighten ... learning, sharing, caring"

Criticises separating learning into site-specific institutions, subsequently removing and discouraging the constant education of "life" and responsibility

What enhances community? What is the purpose of learning within society? How can that manifest?

Models and Approaches to Art Practice

Dynamic model : mixed mode research, practices and theoretical practices

Conceptual framework : traditional theoretical and cognitive-academic knowledge, spectator studies and know-that

Critical reflection : practitioner action research, explicit knowledge, location in a lineage and audience research

Practitioner knowledge : tacit and embodied knowledge, phenomenological experience and know-how

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