Reflection : Presentations

Jane : How to make clothes - Creative Educational Practice

Anthroposophy philosophy : Steiner's formal educational, therapeutic, and creative system using natural means to optimize physical and mental health and well-being

Different identities of adolescence

Projects are integrative and offer and tangible achievement

Gert Biesta : emancipatory process to form self as a subject

Ryan : Circles of Reality - Rhythmic Structures

Building confidence and equilibrium in a group through rhythmic motion

Astral projection as a energy outlet

Non-verbal communication removes prejudice to from tranquility and unilateral dialogue - communication without the assumption and pressure of articulation

Psycho-aural anchor of a metronome and belonging of a physical interconnection

Psychosocial masking as a primitive tool of creative channelling

Mental need to communicate knowledge and rhythmically play which is imperative to a flow state

Molly : School / Community

Inclusive or dismissive of parental integration

Converse between the system

The coming community and disruption between conversation

Sanctuary of safe space : brave space that institutions can offer

Roisin : Hegemony

Assumed hegemony which leads to structural and systematic oppression

Personal boundaries of both the learner and teacher - integrative

Consent and invitation

Aligning body sensations of intuition allows for a paradigmatic assumption against hegemonic systems - the value is often placed on intellectual over heart/body/mind

Isabella : Somatic learning (to reflect on following upload of documentation)

Body knowing - physical expression and innate understanding

Jamila Laverack : Heinz Scott Model

Development towards a wellbeing model for Transformation in Education & designated consultancy

Wellbeing within schools - unstatic environment for embodied conversation and safe space for exploring thoughts, feelings and emotions within curriculum

Pilot project for social transformation and empowerment

Chronosystems of social ecology (ecological, reconstructive, and communitarian view on society : Murray Bookchin) of a child's wellbeing needs to be met by a multi-disciplinary collective voice of collaborative institutions

Self-knowledge leads to the value and control of self-determination and reconstructive mindsets

Social Justice in a "trauma-informed" city - community awareness and societal responsibility of all adults to look after all children

Arts in a place where meaning can be shared in a body, mind and spirit centred philosophy

Paula McMahon: Trauma therapy at Sunflower Project

Portraiture research tool - reflection on personal and descriptive form to be seen, colours and symbols - can this form of art influence feelings and behaviours?

Self as a case study with life drawing - unfeeling layers behind a story

Is art the process or the content?

Is change always welcomed? Counselling informs creativity with addiction

Educating to empower and rebuild is a need within trauma

Heron - exploring ownership and conversation of individual and being able to facilitate a place for discussion that encourages safety and support

Simplicity of discursive tools such as collage work and stores informing reflection : Stephanie Covington trauma recovery of visions and the process of thought

Bracker Ettinger : shutting down pathways and self-efficiency  

Clay as a tactile, embodied, sensory and subliminal tool

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