Reflection : Sketchbook

This selection of images showcases my own personal use of visual medium to explore the use of mark making and creative expression as a reflective tool. In this process, I built a continual daily sketchbook in which I used a range of simple medium - from charcoal, pen and ink to capture my personal feelings of the day in a simple group of drawings, which built up emotional resonance and a reflective practice, following on from my research into experiential learning and developing on from my 'piece of practice' reflection. These ideas developed and built on concepts of building a visual language, from work such as Lee Vgotsky's Imagination and the process of intrinsic developmental communication through line.  

In a personal reflection, I found that this was a very interesting technique and became continually aware of my own personal confinement of space. I was aware that the restriction I made in terms of size, originally for practical reasons but in the later, to contain and some ways restrict the freedom of my own mark. I found that from this I would like to push my own confinements further but also found in a mediative approach, I found myself so much more connected to my own emotional and personal awareness, from this I

Further work includes : Timestamped (2019) - a reflective piece exploring constructs of anxiety, conformist time pressure, locational pulls of trauma and Postcards (2019) - a combined mixed media/found object continual collage installation assembling moments and parts of a narrative

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