2021 : A Year


Tea flasks and puffer coats. Locked down 3.0. Honey roasted ham. Ice cold river swimming and dippy eggs. Moonlight meet-ups, moving on. Board game wine nights. New job, Abby's kebabys and photographs. Meetings and marketing. Pine needles. Riverside walks. Sea beach swims and mugs of Bucks Fizz. Cold beers wrapped in coats. Doorstep beers with distanced friends. Room details and light. Shipwrecked books. Teary eyed nights in, walking away. Knitwear photoshoots. Supermarket trips. Trash TV and puzzle pieces. Sleepless sad, long nights. Cross-dressing boardgames and farewell to Greg, our biking boat boy.


Takeaway tea. Park play dates and paper airplanes. Dusk night walks along blue sky and tinnies by Sharpham. Dog swimming in the river and coat-clad walks. Daffodil light through stain-glass windows. Neil Young records and fairy light afternoons. Crayon drawing on the floor with Thomas the tank engine. Futon sofa shopping. Love hearts in windows. Chicken wings and donuts. Postcards in the post and pancakes for Valentines. Buying myself flowers and coffee. Distanced wine evenings, gin and elderflower tonic. Lichen on trees and moss river walks. Alfred Wallis boat books and Light Spells day dream. Oil painting chairs. Tea on the terrace. Egg hunting adventures and gathering terracotta pots. Walks under Ivybridge, icy dives in the Dart. Chopping food in the sunshine. Playing tanks until morning, bubbled friends downing drinks. Running off to the beaches for podcast, salty lipped walks. Published in books and hand-created dedications with passionfruit cider.


For I am made of March. Pink buildings and flower bunches in the post. Pea green boat books and cups of tea in striped sheets. Bubbled cuddles in bed and reading on the terrace. Crisps, beer and avocado beans on toast. Birthday hotel bath stays, Bucks Fizz and spooks in bed. Turning 25 with a big breakfast treats and old grandad cards. Drizzly birthday dip. Sunglasses and turtle flutes with drunken antics. Walks along Longmarsh and living room mattress movie nights. Flowers and records. Dartington walks for an English Breakfast brew. Blossom and silk coat photoshoot. Sneaking home parking signs and knocking on fairy doors. Tarot card and tree root weir swimming. Joseph Beuys study groups, with charcoal sketching and afternoons of Zoom. Speckled grey mugs, with Bull stamped bottoms. Playing football in gardens and terrace cups of tea. Dried bunches of flowers and oranges on string. BBQ's in the rain, layering coats for charred burgers. First Aid training reunions, back with my friends gathered at work. Rosé on the terrace and cigarettes on the Vire. Collaged lichen and Stonehenge photo gathering, with delilah gardens of flowers. Meetings in Baddaford, with soup and laptop gatherings.


Picnics in the castle meadows. Escaping down to Looe, for Prosecco on the beach with my best friend, stealing chips and blue sky presents. Boat trips in the sunshine, bobbing along the Dart mouth in sailing boats and rust railways. BBQ's on Broadsands, sandy toe feels. Visits from family, with wine and chicken made dishes. Hand-painted presents of objects from friends. Eggs and avocado, orange juice on the terrace. Collecting filing cabinets from Teignmouth, with ice cream on the beach. Snacks in the garden, and cider until late. Borrowing books on curating and first pints at the pub. Taking photos of fizz, and roses on the street. Building Clarissa into a camper car, with mattresses and cosy seats. Wine at the Waterside and fairy glitter face paint. Goblets of fizz, bunches of roses and birthday picnics on hillsides. Breaking down outside Trago, walking to hunt down petrol cans. Proper Job book hunts, and Pig & Pallett chips along the Topsham river edge in the sun. Roc Ambulle on the terrace with Twister ice cream. Car boot mornings, hunting candlesticks and bowls. Chairs and tables in the Square, orange seats and baskets of blankets.


Camping down in Cornwall, bell tents and Port Isaac. Beer around the campfire, waterfalls and fried eggs. Rocking in rowing boats, on lakes in a quarry. Hiding in Selby's shepherd's hut. Dad visiting Start Point, finding old army shells. Keys to fish & chip shops, visiting potters for mugs. Nights in recording studios and reopening The Bull. Seeing Squid in the church, for Will's birthday record gig. Big parties and hangovers, candles in Rustlers for birthday cake. Totnes dances in the street, picking flowers on my walks. Following ducks up the lanes. Dartmouth for lunch, feeling sick down winding roads. Making sushi wraps with Prosecco, candlesticks and warm sunny evenings. Cups of tea in pyjamas, trips to Exeter by the train.


Walks along Longmarsh, wisteria in the garden, sweat peas in the walls. Escape down to Falmouth, with straw hats, galleries and sunshine. Focaccia in the garden, mozzarella and tomatoes, before off out for a pint. Artichoke season at work. Football on the terrace, with beers and BBQs. Games of pool down the Dartmouth and World Cup season kicks in. Rowdy nights and lairy lads. Cow fields with beer bottles, music on the lawn. Morris dancers at the Bay and market hunt days. Moving stones with Selby, tables talking about art. Small plates of fresh food, pints of Alederflower after work. Dad's day trip on the boat, off to Dartmouth with Izzy.


Sister trip to New Milton, picnic under clouds. Wine afternoons on the terrace. Early mornings at sunrise, whisky and scallops at the Brixham fish market. Cheering in pubs, final England and flags. Dipping at cow fields with rhubarb, sardines on toast. Jubel down in Cornwall, burnt bellies and Durgan beach. Candles in the garden, late night Sangria feasts. Phill & Lottie's adventure, hotel and cocktails in Penzance. Driving back with the radio, masks and sun traps. After work picnics, stones and cheese at Elberry cove. DJ decks at the Brew, dancing together again. Albatross windows and geranium paint. Wagamamas and Royal William's Yard, bellowing Bastille in the car.


Open Mike jam, fibres and organic linen at Greenfibres. Day trips by myself, to flower bunches and green houses. Weddings at work, with speeches and dancing in the Rotherfold Square, big bunches of pom poms. Meeting Smudge at home, on a Wiltshire adventure, Salisbury Cathedral and Dads. Pool nights at the Compasses and cups of tea in potting sheds. Book shops at the Barbican, Gruff Rhys at the church. Tables laid with flowers, with seeds and ice cubes. Bags of daffodils on benches, with green smoothies and friends. Girls night out to Plymouth, gin cocktails and Popworld, bundled in the boot of Adie's orange little van. Mattress makers adventure, Topsham and Exeter. Seachange weekend, with Connor and Heavenly. Dancing in the cinema, spinning records and Baxter talks. Dj afternoons at New Lion, boat picnics in Kingswear with crabbing and cider. Wanders around Baddaford, seeds, veg and owl barns.


Wanders around Baddaford, seeds, veg and owl barns. Massages in Ashburton and KT J Pearson Plymouth gigs. Late night McDonald adventures, running away to Torquay. Scones and tea with my Nana and Mum's engagement ring. Smoothies in Exeter, on beach chairs and knitted socks. Cake mornings with tea, sparkly dancers in the Square. Halloumi dips in third field, hazy fog smoking into the night, lit up by car lights. Craft festival escapes, with burgers and fries. Photographing the Albatross, cocktail hungover night. BBQ party at the farm, rowing boats and watermelon dips. Coffee grains and figs with poems in bed. Fermenting cider art installations, DJ at Dartington with a beer. Art open studios, Selby's lavender bed and egg cocoon to rest our heads. Olive woolen vests and sat reading by Vire.


Orla and Zoe's poke bowls. Wandering through London Bridge, bat like exhibitions and stitched tubes. Band nights in Brockwell Park, rainy reunions in Shoreditch. Brunch mornings and tea churches. Tears in Sainsburys with my friends, train ride changes. Speed awareness courses and poetry books. Oranges on chairs in windows Dinners and delights. Dad's day at the market, bunches of carrots and lunch with a wander. Flu season, sore throats, cosy colds and cuddles under blankets. Canapés and accordion afternoons. Walks around Dartington, takeaway cups of tea. Squashes lining pink walls. Beer and bands at New Lion. Fireside bellowing with friends and pizza at the pub, Wanders along Vire, river dips and market wanders. My book in shop windows. Coffee dates with jazz in the cinema. Giles Coren reviews, lunchtime group therapies. Stroud adventure, spicy Wagamama's and shop lined streets in Cheltenham. Baths in a horse box, friend dog and egg yolks. Breweries and fireside escapes, camped up by the services in grey woollen hats. Print making on parcel paper, ink rolled over hemp fabric.


Rusty leaves and mornings at the car garage. Dates in Newton Abbott, pink bathroom walls. Bonfire night with pork bun rolls, mulled wine and pub nights. Olive velvet skirts and cocktails. Pier adventures with fortune tellers, penny machines and Spoons brownies. Fire lighting at work, shepherds pie in friend's cottages. Curry night spices, sharing bhajiis in the Rotherfold room. Mushroom picking on the moor, orange coloured leaves. Long night drives with McDonalds drive through and Amy. Kettles Yard, art galleries in Cambridge. Engine house and terracotta tiled dancing. Cheese and wine nights with my best friends, surrounded by curations of objects. Vintage hunting in Bury, supermarket sweep for supper. Squash, beetroot and torte, walks through fields and fireside sparklers at night. Brunches and charity shop antics, police and best friends. Carried through fields, muddy feet and abandoned orange buildings. Part of a plate and Damon Albarn entourage. Soup and website therapy with Selby, barn planning for art. Photographing through bathroom light. Protest marches and Times newspaper reviews. Roast dinner with fires, sleepy Sunday & late nights. Quiz nights in the Barrell, light switch on up the Narrows. Booking escapes away, cocktail happy hours and vintage bundles in Plymouth.


Dancing to Christmas songs around sofas, sea trips and red camper car kettles. Christmas tree pints in berets. Dinner with my Mum, shopping trips to Exeter, developing film. Boney M spinning on vinyl and Covid anxiety fear. Fixing up washing machines. Cornwall escape, pina coladas with tapas. Fairy lit windows, mulled wine overlook sea. Present shopping and chilly train rides. Hawaiian Christmas spinning, antiques and brunch at Good Vibes. TV Smith punk gigs. Tonsillitis and illness, poorly days off work in bed. Christmas carols at Great Hall, with pigs and blankets under covers. Light wanders around town and reels of the market. Bowling in Torquay, Prosecco and penny adventures. Christmas markets and amaretto sours. Rafikis steamed window hot chocolates. Smudge cuddles at home, carols in the Cathedral and orange-cloved mulled wine at Haunch of Venison. Christmas day snoozing, fire crackling on desktop screens. Covid sleepovers at work, stressed in Room No. 6. Curator coffee and wanders, with chips and toad in the hole in bed. Exhausted anxiety attacks for pandemics. Gypsy folk bands, Prosecco sparkling New Year doing dosey does and freedom hugs.