Self at 26

I have ginger hair. I am a freelance creative, specialising in content and communications for an organic inn and authentic hospitality visual branding. I live in Falmouth, Cornwall, in a house with a cat called Saffron, a German beer table and a flower-filled garden. There are vases of daffodils on the kitchen table and I have an olive green fireplace. I am a Pisces, with a Leo rising and Sagittarius moon. I am trying to find my own art again, concrete, printed and textured in yellow.

My tea is a dark brown, teeny splash of milk. I spend my days editing photographs for work, trying to reach out for a new purpose and cooking by the stove, finding recipes magic once again. With a schedule of therapies and appointments, I am trying to find myself again after losing a wild-eyed, wonderful woman, being let down and broken-heartedly packing up my bags and starting again. I wear dungarees and oversized shirts, with hammered golden pips or olive green circles in my ears. I'm slowly trying to find myself again, whether in the rubbled, lemon-lined streets of Sicily or on the rock edge crags of Cornwall.

My dream is to work within creative spaces, working with art curation, mental health and psychosocial support. One day I will have my own renovated house by the sea, with bathtubs, flowers and a fireplace. I listen to folksy female tunes, with a love for cowbell beats, walking down to the sea or driving to read in my camper car boot. Most nights are spent at the pub with a pint, nested in watching Gogglebox or having dinners with my closest pals and maybe even candlesticks. Everything is solved with a hug and a mug of tea. I love the library, and the last favourite thing I read was the Rachel Cusk trilogy.

I don't know what will happen within the next year, we're taking each day at a time at the moment, but I know I want more sea swims, to spend more time with my friends and find a little bit of myself, art, love and freedom again. I have hope.