Self at 25

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I have ginger hair. I am a visual artist, freelance project lead and a marketer for an organic inn in Totnes, Devon. I am a Pisces, with a Leo rising and Sagittarius moon. I am trying to find the wonder within my own work once more, reclaiming concrete bricks and building my own world.

I make colleges of found rust in concrete, or create oil paintings on linen boards of objects surrounding me. I have a growing collection of chartreuse velvet green chairs and collect books on shipwrecks, poetry or sociological ruminations. My tea is a dark brown, teeny splash of milk. I write a lot - with diaries filling years of my lives or poetry printed in anthologies. I love evenings by the fire, with horror movies and short films or sitting on the terrace in the morning. I spend my days snapping magic food for work, busy tapping emails and taking photos of room nooks.

I wear olive jumpers, oversized shirts and dungarees or jeans, toes in marled grey socks and Birkenstocks. I wear silver hoops in my ears, and occasionally hammered golden pips. My days seem to be full of sleeping, working at home and walking and reading with boiled eggs on the terrace. I have my orange seeds planted in the allotment. The past year has grown my sense of strength and self more than I thought, but now I am spending time to replant myself.

My dream is to work within creative spaces and one day have my own renovated house by the sea, driving about in dirty Defenders. I listen to folksy female beats and vinyl audio books, walking around by the river Dart, occasionally jumping in for an ice dip. I can't wait to be back with my friends after a long year apart, eating dinner out, exploring galleries and napping under duvet forts. Most nights are spent in pyjamas with 80p gluten free pizza and a stubbie, or filling days with post office trips. Every is solved with a wander around a charity shop, a hug and cup of tea. Within the next year I am going to take a solo trip away and have my own wooden floored space to fill with vases of daffodils on the kitchen table. There's exciting things ahead, from camping trips, art curation exhibitions and creative projects unfolding ...