2019 : A Restless Year

Updated: Dec 28, 2020


Began New Years morning sickly in Somerset with my best pals - Swam an awful lot - Went to Edinburgh with Izzy for a birthday weekend away including ghost tours, Arthur seat and whiskey - took a hibernation digital detox which led to moments of mania - got the flu and read a lot - went on a weekend pottery course - walked many miles around Salisbury & Old Sarum - coffee & charity shop dates with Molly - kitchen renovations - weekend visits from Amy to visit cathedrals & watch films - keto snacks  - late night walks 


Snow angels and icy drives - Catherdral installations & visits from Skye - Solo adventure to Dingle, Ireland to live & graphic design with a lady called Paula -  Irish folk bands, rugby and Guinness in Dick Macks pub - hitch and hiking around the Peninsula - spent Valentine's Day with Fungi the dolphin - stayed in London with Jodie & Zo -O2 Academy Brixton for Maggie Roggers & Florence Welch - Tracey Emin in the White Cube - Borough Market reunions  


Had a 5 day scholarship residential at West Dean College, Chichester in Ceramics with Found Objects and fell back in love with art - birthday surprises from Becky, Amy & Hannah - Processco and Waitrose picnics for my 23rd birthday - began working for Salisbury Playhouse & Art Centre - spent weeks working back at the old pub - Had a reunion weekend in Cardiff featuring wine and Live Lounges - walked with my favourites around Tintin Abbey and Monmouth - spent sober nights out in Salisbury for the first time in forever  


Spent time with many old friends re-falling in love with home -  began working at Boston Tea Party - doctors and psychiatrist appointments galore - sibling forest walks and bridges with Dad - fall for Fleabag - watched a lot of theatre and political plays - had a house reunion in Bristol with sunshine, cider boats and ice cream - Brighton day trip for Masters interview and best childhood friend reunions  


Met Grayson & Phillipa Perry at the RA in London - Brocante weekend with Becky and Amy where we wove and went to Wetherspoons - lots of evening trips to Tesco - sunshine Falmouth road trip for Redfest weekend with sea swimming, BBQs and beers - Durgan beach and sleepy sunburn - evenings out at the New Inn - drives with my brother to visit new towns - filled a mattress with concrete - juggled two jobs in hospitality whilst in recovery - meadow walks by the river


Sold all my clothes - start working for Sarah Jane making ceramics - had food poisoning and tonsillitis all at once - Summer sister solstice at Stonehenge with drum circles and sunrises - family BBQs and funerals - Glastonbury 2019 - fire circles, extinction rebellion marches, late night discos and dreamy dancing with the best group of people - tents, coach rides and no sleep 


Sunstroke picnics and listening to a lot of Radio 2 - studio afternoons making porcelain - old faces came back into my life - made lots of pieces of art in the garden - Florence and the Machine in Hyde Park with Amy, seeing the National, Bloody Orange & Lykke Li - city dates with Zoe and Southbank reunions - art therapy courses - evenings and art galleries with Dad - river swimming in Salisbury - exhibited in the Art Centre with private views - visited beautiful butterfly gardens - cinema trips with Mum - Masters interview at Plymouth College of Art - visit Totnes


Sangria and glitter at Brighton Pride with my best friends - Late nights in city clubs - flower bunch hunting in Lewes - Patti Smith power - sibling dinners together - stick and poke toe tattoos - trips to Heathrow to send my brother off to Beijing - boys trips to Hengistbury head for evening sea swims and flasks of tea - returning to old schools and Old Sarum picnics - rounders and rainy work BBQs - Sixty Million Postcards with Skye - Waldorf seasonal school volunteering visits - forest walks - trips back to Cornwall - sleeping in duvets - Pearl's fairy lit gig at Potager 


Morning breakfasts with best friends - Visit Totnes - cricket Sundays and stream cycling - pick your own strawberry farm - sister sea dates at Hengistbury Head - get a new car - Rattler goodbyes with Sarah and Steve Wright shoutouts - fire pit leaving drinks - take Izzy to Nottingham to begin university - Hampstead Heath reunion house parties and London sleepovers with bittersweet sadness - Day trips with Molly - evenings alone with Dad - Move from Salisbury to Totnes - Processco and the Barrellhouse - Sunday salad days  


Beef bouginoun and meeting housemates - walked around Devon and to Dartington - began working at Nkuku - watched Rocky Horror Show projected at Totnes cinema - house parties and pub nights - visited Brixham with Dad and Little Dartmouth sea swims - began my Masters in Creative Education at Plymouth College of Art - late nights and clown workshops - Halloween of mystic nights and Amy's weekend visit - Seeds trips with Mum


Open Jams and Christmas decorating - job interviews and doctors appointments - late nights and house adventures - reading theories, clown workshops and finding socially engaged magic - became an official self-employed creative practitioner - markets in Exeter - Dartmoor hikes and reflective walks - broken batteries - soulful Sunday reflections with a new nest of humans  


Doctors appointments and tea time dates - Christmas parties with silent discos - elections and lazy days - Amy's adventures with Brew Co. dancing - gong baths - festive markets and mulled wine - more mental health assessments and duvet drinks - dancing and kisses - comedown car journeys - market town respite & Cathedral carols - spent a solo Boxing Day sleeping with mulled wine & Camembert - misty morning sea swims on Bantham Beach - yearly goal refresh - New Years Eve glittering in gold within the ballroom and my the clock tower at midnight  

With this whirlwind wonder also came recovery relapses, heartbreak, sleepless nights, nervous breakdowns, silly mistakes and disorder diagnosis's hand in hand - light through the dark and looking into a slower and sweeter year ahead into the roaring twenties ...